A Rude Awakening - The Truth About Alcohol and Sleep

A Rude Awakening - The Truth About Alcohol and Sleep

The Truth About Alcohol and Sleep

Did you know that extra vodka soda you celebrated with when out with your friends may be what is keeping you up at night? 

Insomnia, a sharp decrease in the chemicals that alert us when we’re sleepy, and a major disruption to the REM cycle. These are just a few of the effects alcohol consumption can have on our sleep. Alcohol can mess with your circadian rhythm, the internal process that regulates sleep, and can keep you awake well past your bedtime.

So while that second glass of your favorite Pinot Noir may seem like the perfect nightcap to help you drift into dreamland, it may turn into your worst nightmare. Instead of shaking the dice for a full 8 hours, why not enjoy a consequence-free mocktail made with Spritz Tea? Sparkling, vegan, and made with zero added sugars. Spritz Tea makes for a fabulous and flavorful mocktail mixer and is just as tasty on its own.

Use the Pink Guava to make a Lavender Tea Night Cap or the Bright Citrus (as a brunch beverage) for a bold Bright & Early. Besides being delish, these alcohol-free mocktails also won’t leave you up at 3 in the morning watching infomercials. 

Sleep tight!

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