Shop Local This Holiday and Try This Refreshing Tea

Shop Local This Holiday and Try This Refreshing Tea

The holiday season is here and you probably have many gatherings to host and parties to attend. You’ll want a refreshing drink by your side to celebrate and that’s where Spritz comes in! Lucky for you, finding Spritz near you is easy! Simply check out our “Spritz Nearby” section on our website or visit a Kroger store in the Columbus or Cincinnati area to get your hands on a bubbly beverage that all will love. 

Spritz is a non-alcoholic, sugar free, vegan, and keto friendly sparkling tea that will make your taste buds happy! We believe everyone should have something beautiful to toast with for all of life’s celebrations. Spritz is great on its own or as a mixer for your favorite cocktail. Looking for inspiration? Check out our Spritzology, where you’ll find recipes for mocktails, cocktails, and even refreshing desserts to spice up this holiday season.

Happy holidays and happy sipping!  

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