Spritz History 101: How This Sparkling Tea Came To Be

Spritz History 101: How This Sparkling Tea Came To Be

Brewing up some Spritz Tea History

We always say that Spritz started around a table, but have you ever wondered exactly how it came to be? Well, we’ve got just the blog for you! 

In 2016, Kathryn Doughtery, Spritz founder, was training for a 70.3 Ironman, and with all the early morning training, she had chosen to cut alcohol out of her diet to perform and recover at her best. However, Kathryn loves dinner parties. Her collection of serving ware and cookbooks would rival any self-proclaimed hostess, and she was one of the few millennials that still loved having a formal dining room to serve her guests in. 

So, on Friday nights, after a long work week, Kathryn would have her friends over for dinner. She'd set the table with placemats, cloth napkins, and candlesticks - taking great pride in a beautiful tablescape. Her girlfriends, many of them also triathletes, would gather around the table to celebrate their accomplishments, support in challenges, and share a meal. Most of the guests also didn't drink, so the meal was accompanied only by water. So, they would only have water glasses when they would go to toast. It just felt....plain.

Kathryn wanted something special. Something worth drinking out of beautiful glasses. But what were the options? Alcohol - nope, went against their goals. Water - boring! Carbonated beverages - lacked any real flavor! Soda - full of empty calories! Each option had pros… but they each had cons as well.

The following Friday, Kathryn turned her kitchen into a laboratory. She made a concentrate of her favorite hibiscus tea and cooled it in the fridge. She made an extra bubbly batch of carbonated water from her SodaStream and mixed them in a beautiful glass pitcher. It was a soft pink color. It had a gentle texture like champagne bubbles. It smelled like roses. That night, she served it to her friends in wine glasses. They sipped, they dined, and the following day they ran fast and far. Spritz was born.

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