The Women Owned Sparkling Tea Changing the Way We Celebrate

The Women Owned Sparkling Tea Changing the Way We Celebrate

When we think of celebrating major milestones in life such as weddings, job promotions, or graduations, toasting with a glass of alcohol is usually the norm. But what happens if you abstain from alcohol for various reasons such as diet and lifestyle or pregnancy? 

While training for a half Ironman in 2016, Kathryn Dougherty wanted to celebrate with friends, but she didn’t want to drink alcohol with a race in the morning. So she mixed a concoction of herbal tea with seltzer, and that’s where Spritz was born. 

Dougherty hustled to launch Spritz and was even one of six finalists at the New Beverage Showdown hosted by BevNET. While she didn’t end up winning, it was enough motivation to keep pushing forward. She quit her 10 year position at Johnson & Johnson and began growing her Spritz empire. 

Spritz is available in four vibrant, refreshing flavors: Pink Guava, Golden Peach, Wild Aćai, and Bright Citrus. The non-alcoholic, softly sparkling drink is all-natural, vegan, keto-friendly, and sugar free. Spritz is the perfect drink to toast with without feeling left out. 

Today, Spritz is in multiple grocers, and it’s only the beginning for Dougherty. She’s on a mission to show where women empowerment and dedication gets you.

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