Consuming Carbonation with Caution, Yes You Heard It Right

Consuming Carbonation with Caution, Yes You Heard It Right

We are all aware of the harm of drinking soda, regular or diet. However, did you know that just carbonation itself could be detrimental to health as well? Due to its acidity, carbohydrate water can be harsh on your teeth and disrupt digestion, and even cause IBS flare-ups for those who are sensitive to carbonated beverages. 

While quitting seltzer cold turkey could be difficult, a softer, less carbonated alternative can be a good transition to ease your way out of constant seltzer consumption. Spritz Tea is a new breed of lightly sparkling, all-natural tea infused with bold fruity flavors. Unlike regular soda, Spritz Tea provides a non-aggressive “soft” sparkle with less carbonation. It contains zero sugar or calories and is packed with all the health benefits of tea. 

Whether you’re craving soda but want to find a healthy alternative or want to find a sophisticated non-alcohol drink, Spritz Tea’s craft tea infusions are the joyous must-have for any of your upcoming celebrations. Spritz Tea now includes four delicious fruity flavors Pink Guava, Bright Citrus, Wild Acai and Gold Peach.

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