The Future of Tea is Bubbly

The Future of Tea is Bubbly

Whether it’s a scene from the Netflix series “Bridgeton” or the hot cup that your grandma gravitated to, does drinking tea always remind you more of the old-world glamour instead of modern-day lifestyle? Well not anymore!

Spritz Tea is a new breed of lightly sparkling, all-natural tea that contains zero sugar or calories. With sleek packaging and bold fruity flavors, Spritz Tea keeps all the health benefits of the tea and takes the humdrum out of the equation. 

Whether it’s for your outdoor refreshment, healthy get-together or guilt-free mixers, Spritz is the perfect drink that will spice up your beverage world without adding any burdens to your sugar and calorie intake. Flavors include:

  • Pink Guava: Fruity, rich, and fragrant. Expect soft bubbles accompanied by sweet guava, dragonfruit, and fresh mango all tied together perfectly in Spritz’s herbal hibiscus tea.

  • Bright Citrus: Sweet, earthy, and energizing. Expect soft bubbles accompanied by the freshest berries and refreshing lemons paired perfectly with Spritz’s Pu'erh tea.

  • Wild Acai: Elegant, floral, and refreshing. Expect soft bubbles accompanied by fresh mango, dry rose petals, and powerful acai berries combined carefully in Spritz’s rejuvenating white tea.

  • Golden Peach: Pure, crisp, and flavorful. Expect soft bubbles accompanied by juicy peaches, lemon, and sweet pomegranate mixed to perfection with our powerful green tea.

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