Your Newest Galentine’s Day Necessity

Your Newest Galentine’s Day Necessity

What is more fun than Valentine’s Day? 

Celebrating the season of love with your girl gang! 

Galentine's Day is a Spritz favorite. Whether you’re looking to host a happy hour with a friend or sip on mocktails with your crew, Spritz is the perfect drink to pass around the table. 

Spritz is zero-calorie, zero sugar, and all-natural. Healthier than a soda and just as celebratory as a glass of champagne. Spritz will leave you feeling refreshed come the morning so that you can kiss any of that post-drinking hangxiety goodbye! 

Help us make 2022 the year of women supporting women, starting with a Galentine’s Day celebration!

Put on your sparkly heels and fancy outfit that have been sitting in your closet since 2020, then grab a can of Spritz (or two) for a perfect night around the table. 

Give Spritz a try; we just know you’ll fall in love.

Happy sipping!


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