Your Picnic Essentials

Your Picnic Essentials

‘Tis the season for those gorgeous 70° spring days where you could stay outside forever! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and there is a slight breeze. What could make this day any better? A Spritz picnic! 

Grab a couple of friends, lay down a blanket, and crack open a few cans of Spritz for the perfect picnic. Containing zero sugar or calories, Spritz is packed with all the bold fruity flavors without any of the added sugars or preservatives. Whether you’re looking for a midday caffeine boost from a can of bright citrus or satisfy your sweet tooth with a can of pink guava, any flavor of Spritz will quench your thirst in a single sip. 

Want to up your picnic to the next level? Grab a few local goodies that pair perfectly with a can of Spritz! Munch on a gluten-free cookie from Bake Me Happy, grab a vegan salad from The Little Kitchen, or build your dream bowl at REBoL! 

Next time you find yourself looking to get outside and soak in that vitamin D, we've got you covered! Check out our Spritz Nearby” section on our website, or visit a Kroger store in the Columbus or Cincinnati area to get your hands on a bubbly beverage that all will love. 

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