Spritz Beverages announces their new Chief Operating Officer

 Spritz Beverages announces their new Chief Operating Officer.

Spritz Tea celebrates Women’s History Month by supporting women in leadership! 

The month of March is dedicated to honoring women's contributions to American history, empowering women to pursue their dreams, knowing that nothing is impossible. 

Spritz Tea is kicking off this month by announcing an addition to their all-women executive team. Kathryn Dougherty, Founder & CEO, is proud to share that Katherine Grogan has accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer effective March 1. Katherine has been part of the Spritz team for the past eight months and joins Spritz with experience in sales and marketing from Fortune 500 companies. She graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s in Communication Studies, including a concentration in public relations and sales. Katherine is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive energy to inspire the Spritz team daily towards their vision. The Spritz team continues to be supported by our fearless interns, Krithika Chetty and Liddie Ainsworth. 

Spritz believes all women deserve a seat at the table, and they strive to build women up. They empower their team to speak their truth and stand up for their beliefs. In all stages of life, they value women in leadership. Katherine joined the team, post-maternity leave. Katherine reflected on her excitement to join Spritz as COO, “I LOVE being a mom; it is my favorite job. I also love work; I excel at collaborating with people to develop innovative concepts. I felt defeated when I started to think I could not do both and still feel fulfilled. That is when I reached out to Kathryn. Eight months later, we are building a brand and team of smart, driven, ambitious women. I want any new mom reading this who is scared they can’t have both to know that they can.There ARE leaders who believe you can too. I am changing culture not just by building a healthy beverage brand, but also by co-leading a workplace that values women leaders.”

This month especially, Spritz invites you to celebrate with a fruity all-natural bubbly that’s versatile enough for everyone invited to your dinner table. Made by women, with women in mind, Spritz Tea satisfies the urge for a sparkly, sweet, sophisticated drink that doesn't have alcohol or sugar. Spritz is proud to pledge 1% of all sales to support female-focused non-profit organizations and gender equality initiatives.  You can now find Spritz in over 180 Kroger stores across Columbus and Cincinnati. 

To learn more about Spritz Tea, where you can find a can near you, and how they’re involved in the community, visit spritztea.com, and follow Facebook and Instagram

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