Golden Mimosa with Golden Peach

Golden Mimosa


  • ½ Cup Prosecco
  • ½ Can Spritz Golden Peach
  • 1-2 oz Vodka
  • Splash of Juice (we think Orange or Pineapple works best)

Tell all your girl friends you have a great new recipe and wow them at your next brunch, with Spritz Golden Mimosa. Not only does it taste AMAZING but it's low calorie and beautiful in any glassware.

Grab your favorite prosecco and a can of Spritz Golden Peach (we think they both are best chilled).

Pour 1/2 cup of processco and 1/2 can of Spritz into your prettiest glassware, add 1-2 oz of Vodka if you're looking for something a bit stronger and top with your favorite citrus juice. Orange and pinneapple works best!

Don't forget to add some peach slices and raspberries for a bit more flavor and garnish with a paper straw!

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