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Pull Up a Seat...

The table — it's the place where a team gathers together and plans their next big idea. The place where family meets after a long day to share their wins and losses. The place where friends meet for support, conversation and camaraderie.

When people gather at the table, we all bring our unique skills, experiences and abilities. Here at Spritz, we believe those talents should be recognized and celebrated everyday. So we asked... what do you bring to the table?

Friends drinking Spritz Tea on a bed

The Start of Spritz

What you bring to the table...

Two years of hard work to formulate, refine, and test our product led to a pre-launch in late summer of 2019. But, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the Women’s Small Business Accelerator of Columbus, Ohio, where extraordinary women leaders showed me how to take my dream from the kitchen table and share it with the world.

The Path Ahead

So here we are — partnered with some of the best companies and brands in Ohio, and our community is growing everyday and it's only the beginning; we're going to need a bigger table.

Cheers to all the inspiring women out there and to the women who support them. We love celebrating what all these women bring to the table. We have a seat for you too — what will you bring?

Together we rise.

Kathryn Dougherty
CEO & Founder

We believe that...

Every fall is a lesson.

Every climb is a cause for celebration.

Each one of us is a work in progress.

There's no such thing as perfection. There's only growth.

Our Impact

Here at Spritz, we believe that empowered women empower women and everyone has a seat at the table. In order to live in our mission and vision each and every day, we donate 1% of all sales to organizations that support women, and donate 1 workday per month volunteering within our local community. We promise to always release quarterly statements regarding our impact program, which you can access below.

Spritz is proud of where we have been, and we're excited about where we're going as a company and a community. Will you join us in our mission?

The Spritz Team




I love Spritz because... it combines my passon for healthy living, business and female empowerment.

My favorite flavor of Spritz is... I can't choose between my children!

I bring to the table... big dreams and the courage to go for them.



Sales Director

I love Spritz because... I get to work with such an amazing, energetic, creative and supportive team. We have a tremendous product, fantastic business plan and a company that wants to inspire others to achieve their goals.

My favorite flavor of Spritz is... Golden Peach

I bring to the table... knowledge and experience in the beverage industry. I believe that through collaboration, teamwork and exceptional customer service, you can build a successful brand and company.



Marketing Manager, Storyteller + Spritzologist

I love Spritz because... I get to work everyday with people who set my soul on fire. The work we do never feels like a job and I wouldn't have it any other way. With our team and our passion, I can't wait to see where Spritz can go.

My favorite flavor of Spritz is... I love the Wild Acai but nothing beats the Pink Guava with champagne for a perfect brunch mimosa!


The Spritzers: Holly + Lexie

Operations Intern — Holly

I love Spritz because... it has a special kind of magic, something dazzling and unique. The magic spreads to every facet: product, community, mission. It's incredible to not only witness this, but also help create it. And that's something I can CHEERS to.

My favorite flavor of Spritz is... Bright Citrus

I bring to the table... an open heart.

Operations Intern — Lexie

I love Spritz because... I am surrounded by a team that continuously supports and empowers me. The message Spritz aims to spread is so evident within the company, and I always feel seen and heard.

My favorite flavor of Spritz is... Golden Peach

I bring to the table... DETERMINATION.

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