What will you bring?

Spritz was started around a dining room table in 2016. Since then we have built an incredible community of women who each bring a unique set of talents, skills, and abilities to the table.

At Spritz we believe everyone has something to bring to the table. We bring encouragement, inspiration, and celebration. We have a seat for you, what will you bring?


Meet The Spritzers: Kathryn

My Role: Founder + CEO - I run our sales & operations!

I love Spritz because: it combines my passion for healthy living, business and female empowerment.

My favorite flavor of Spritz is: I can't choose between my children!

I bring to the table: big dreams and the courage to go for them.

Meet the Spritzers: Jess

My role: President - I lead all of consumer & trade marketing!

I love Spritz because: it's an amazing product, company, and we are going to change the beverage category!

My favorite flavor of Spritz is: The Wild Acai - I drink it all day AND it fits my personality.

I bring to the table: Passion, ambition, and expertise in building better-for-you food and beverage brands!

Meet the Spritzers: Our Logo

Our logo is important to us and an anchor for our brand promise.

The leaf represents our product, showing the combination of our tea leaves and soft bubbles. We include the one additional bubble that has broken barriers and leads the way; a nod to all the strong women who have come before us, and a reminder of the commitment we have to continue paving the way for all the women who will come after us.

Strong, ambitious, and unapologetically themselves. Just like Spritz.

Meet the Spritzers: Lexie

My role: Operations intern - I help manage our supply chain with Kathryn!

I love Spritz because: I am surrounded by a team that continuously supports and empowers me. The message Spritz aims to spread is so evident within the company, and I always feel seen and heard.

My favorite flavor of Spritz is: Golden Peach

I bring to the table: DETERMINATION.

Meet the Spritzers: Holly

My Role: Marketing Intern - I'm building our brand ambassador program with Jess!

I love Spritz because: it has a special kind of magic, something dazzling and unique. The magic spreads to every facet: product, community, mission. It's incredible to not only witness this, but also help create it. And that's something I can CHEERS to.

My favorite flavor of Spritz is: Bright Citrus

I bring to the table: an open heart.

Meet the Spritzers: Milo

My Role: Chief Happiness Officer + Warehouse Manager

I love Spritz because: It's zero calories! I can drink as much as I want and not have to worry my sweaters won't fit.

My favorite flavor of Spritz is: they all go great with a delicious dog treat!

I bring to the table: a lot of snuggles, tons of fur and a lot of love.